Mike Francis – Times Out Of Time (1988)
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Reading Time: 2 minutes Mike Francis – Times Out Of Time Mike Francis was born on 26 April 1961 in Florence (Italy) real name is Francesco Puccioni Mike Francis Really sad he died of Lung Cancer on 30 January 2009 in Rome, but he made a lot of good music. I love this amazing song Time Out Of Time.… Continue reading Mike Francis – Times Out Of Time (1988)

The Atrium – Funny Dancer (1984)
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Reading Time: 3 minutes Information About The Atrium – Funny Dancer Giorgio Conti The Atrium – Funny Dancer was the first record from this project by Giorgio Conti in 1984 on Time Records Label code TRD 1001. Front Cover Severals vocalists sang Atrium songs in this project like Gino Caria (1984, 1990 in “Going Crazy”-1995), Mauro Farina (1985-1989), Giancarlo Pasquini… Continue reading The Atrium – Funny Dancer (1984)

Brand Image – Love In A Summer Night
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Reading Time: < 1 minute Brand Image was formed back in the 80s by T. Scarfone and M. Scarabelli, this is the third song they made on Time Records (TRD 1012) in 1985. This song was written by  M. Scarabelli, S. Brignoli the last one is still singing all over the world . Love in the summernight is produced by G.… Continue reading Brand Image – Love In A Summer Night

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