Mention Feat. P.Diso – Don’t Stop Lovin’

This record is a cover of J.D. Jaber on Memory Records in 1983 but both records were sung by Paradiso Gilioli ,his voice is great and Mention (Feratho Di Lusso) made a great tribute to this super song. Feratho played all synthesizers and drums and recorded in his own Mention Studios on Lusso Records code… Continue reading Mention Feat. P.Diso – Don’t Stop Lovin’

Baby’s Gang – Happy Song

Larry Pigagnoli formed this band in 1983 thirteen teenagers where on this record also Ivana Spagna who’s solo career was much more well know over the world. Lead vocals were Denise Bonfanti and Aldo Musci. Pinagnoli, Spagna and Otto Bacciocci wrote most of the Baby’s Gang songs and were all published by Memory Records (Memix… Continue reading Baby’s Gang – Happy Song

Assanti – Ma Pecche’

Adriano Assanti he made only 1 record in italian language om my favorite record label Memory Records code MEMIX 033. Adriano wrote this song arranged and mixed by Cory Knobel and Stefano Cundari, produced by Alessandro Zanni. Published by Renata Edizioni Musicali and recorded in the Memory Studio july 1985 in Parma.

Spanish Symphonic Orchestra – Energy/Computer Game

A great instrumental release on Digital Records a sub label from the great Memory Records code is DR 8602. On the A-side is the song called Energy and is written by Jean-Philippe Goude from paris, on the b-side is a better song called Computer game that is written by Gianluca Bergonzi (J.D. Jaber) and Stefano… Continue reading Spanish Symphonic Orchestra – Energy/Computer Game

Atrium – Doctor Jekyll

Atrium = Giorgio Conti only he is not the singer most of the songs were sung by Gino Caria, Mauro Farina, Giancarlo Pasquini, Claudio Magnani. This is his third record released on Power Records in 1986, but i have bought the spanish release on Memory Records. I’m a hugh fan of Memory Records, i did… Continue reading Atrium – Doctor Jekyll