Andy – Ok (1986)

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Andy – Ok

Andy’s real name is Andrea Bruno an italo disco artist and DJ radio speaker in the 80s, he was born in 1964

He wanted to be a DJ really bad so he placed an advert in a supermarket “I’m 16 years old and I’m offering myself as a DJ for free on private radio”.

Andy - Ok (Front Cover)

Front Cover

A local radio station contracted him he stayed there for almost 2 years, then he got a contract with the biggest radio broadcaster in the area “Radio Studio 54” and subsequently by the disco “Gech Gech” which at that time was the most frequented by young people from Lombardy.

Andy - Ok (Back Cover)

Back Cover

In 1985 Eros Ramazotti gave a concert in bergamo and DJ Andy had to warmup the crowd.

Andy – Ok was his second release and is a catch song written by Gianfranco Golino, Sergio Bonzanni and Stefania Musto.

Andy - Ok (Label A)

Label A

Andy – Ok Arranged and Produced

Andy – Ok was arranged by Sergio Bonzanni, Andrea Bruno produced his own song. All music is composed by Andy and the words by Gianfranco Golino.

Andy - Ok (Label B)

Label B

On the back cover he mentioned special tnx to Flavia, Stefy ,Gianni, Oldanix, Pellini G.G.; Half Moon Pub (BG) Alex , The friends of GECH-GECH and Radio Studio 54.

Andy – Ok My Opinion

This record is not typical italo disco song in my opinion but i always like something different it makes it special.

Andy – Ok Link To Discogs

Andy – Ok Link To Youtube

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