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Intro to Channel Rules


Channel Rules were created originally by AleX4u and were actually reformatted and enhanced on behalf of the Team of #Discoparadise for the needs of our Website at nowadays time.

Thanks very much to the origin great work from Alex4u.

The origin version was plaintext only and contained more than just the rules which you can read on this page.

We devided the original text into divisions, starting with channel rules, which you can read here now.

So far the intro.

At the bottom of this page you can see actual status information.

These are the basic rules for our channel.

Ops in the channel do have the possibility to kick/ban you also when they think your behavior isn’t right or for any other fact that isn’t good for the channel. So don’t complain about that afterwards.

We needed to update the channel rules since it’s growing fast, so here they are.

General rules:

  • No Trading in the channel. If you will trade, then only in private windows / private messages.
  • No spamming, scrolling and flooding. Violation of this rule is a serious reason to get permanently banned.
  • No Heavy Metal, Grunge or other music which isn’t related to our channel.
  • No porn or warez are allowed in the channel or at file-/ftp servers.
  • No vulgar language and/or abusive behavior.
  • Never cry. Writing in UPPERLETTERS means Crying.
  • To prevent crying depending on the line before, you can simply do the following:
    If you want to put one or more word(s) in accent, then use special marking characters before and after your desired marking word(s) like “_” or “*”.
    These both marking characters means the same as bold or italic  or underline or UPPERLETTERS style compared with rich edit controls nowadays. Don’t use Upperletters.
  • No clones without asking the ops (@).

Channel related rules:

  • No unneccessary use of scripts like auto-greeting, counting add-ons, etc.
  • Don’t repeat anything more than twice.
  • Speak only English in channel’s main window.
  • It’s better to use the SDFind script to set a server in the channel.
  • No paste more than 5 requests to download MP3s in the same time. Otherwise you’ll be kicked ’cause flooding. You can paste more than 5 requests but do that slowly.

Sharing rules:

  • #DiscoParadise means a music/video sharing channel.
  • #DiscoParadise is still alive because people share their MP3s and videos collection.
  • So we require all people to understand that and to share their MP3s. People have to share 500+ files. We let 48 hours to set a server.
  • To let all the users to work in #DiscoParadise easily it’s very important to use SDFind script or similar scripts under other operating systems as windows which provide the functionality of SDFind.
  • We don’t like to use triggers here, because these are not userfriendly.
  • When you come from another channel and you have used triggers there, please ask any op! We will help you to change your server to sdfind.
  • Use this manual to install SDFind script (look into part 5 below). The ops will help you to get SDFind script and to install it in your mIRC. That’s an easy part.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask ops in case of questions or problems.

This part will be updated with links soon.

We all wish you a pleasant time in #Discoparadise.

If you have questions about the channel or how to download mp3’s/video’s or how to share your own files in the channel, please message one of the ops (@) in the channel and they are always willing to help you.

The Team of #Discoparadise

Status: 2023-07-23


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