The Atrium – Funny Dancer (1984)

Front Cover The Atrium - Funny Dancer
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Information About The Atrium – Funny Dancer

Giorgio Conti (The Atrium)

Giorgio Conti

The Atrium – Funny Dancer was the first record from this project by Giorgio Conti in 1984 on Time Records Label code TRD 1001.

Front Cover The Atrium - Funny Dancer

Front Cover

Severals vocalists sang Atrium songs in this project like Gino Caria (1984, 1990 in “Going Crazy”-1995), Mauro Farina (1985-1989), Giancarlo Pasquini (1990, in “Jolly Joker”) and Claudio Magnani (1996-2002). Giorgio Conti was working in a discotheque in Brescia VIP (1984) when Giacomo Maiolini was listening to some new records he asked Giorgio what the titles were so that he could buy the vinyls.

Back Cover The Atrium - Funny Dancer

Back Cover

One day Giacomo said to Giorgio you are famous in Brescia and eveybody knows you, why don’t you make a record but he was mixing at dj table and didn’t thought about that.

Giorgio did say yes to it and said i’m not a singer or musician but i’m a dj and have something in mind. Giacomo said that cost 6 million lira it was too much for Giorgio, but they found a sponser a nightclub called The Atium (Lake Garda).

So Giacomo payed all money to record it, but he couldn’t use his own name but the name of the discotheque Atrium that’s why a picture on the cover.

Label A The Atrium - Funny Dancer

Label A

This song was written and produced by Giuliano Crivellente and Mauro Farina and Co-producer G, Vezza and Executive-Producer Giacomo Maiolini. All arranged by Roberto Arduini and mixed by Sandro Oliva in Factory Sound Studio Verona.

I was lucky to see Atrium live in holland in 1986 in holland Amphion discoteque Zoetermeer together with Alan Barry, Fred Ventura and Albert One great time it was too bad there was not video made only pictures only bad quality.

Giorgio Conti is still performing and i heard he is releasing a new song by I Venti d’Azzurro Records called Dream with me maybe in 2024. Can’t wait to hear that record. Hopefully he will perform live again in holland.

The Atrium – Funny Dancer

The Atrium – Funny Dancer is a song with a nice beat not too quick and those old synthesizers were great to listen too.

Gino Caria sung this song because Giorgio Conti is no singer, love the old label it’s the first record on Time Records and it’s 1 of my favorite record labels.

Label B The Atrium - Funny Dancer

Label b

The A side has the long version 4.58 , B side is the short version but sounds like a instrumental version.

The Atrium – Funny Dancer Youtube Link

The Atrium – Funny Dancer Discogs Link

Here is a link for discogs to see all info

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