Comment and Contact rules

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Read the following comment and contact rules

  1. By definition, spam is unsolicited communications designed to promote products or services.
  2. Spam is automatically recognized and deleted.
  3. Advertising links are classified as spam.
  4. Topic-related comments will only be published after they have been checked, but will not be censored. We welcome constructive criticism that helps us to improve our services.
    Off-topic comments will not be published.
  5. Write clearly about your request. This is the only way we can properly address your concerns.
  6. We may publish notifications that are reasonable in terms of content and appearance.
    You have the option of expressly objecting to publication in your communication.
    If you expressly object to publication, we reserve the right to examine your objection to publication.
  7. Never write in CAPITAL LETTERS.
    This spelling means in net etiquette that you *scream*.
    Screaming people and street talk will not be accepted. Use normal words in normal language. Speak appropriately online too.
  8. Don’t try to offend people.
  9. If you want to emphasize or highlight important words, follow net etiquette: embed your important word in “*” on the left and right side of the word, or just format the word in bold or bold (button “B” in Editor) if available.
    Example: “*Important*”
  10. We expressly reserve the right to amend this set of rules.

Status: April 12, 2023: Supplement “Off-topic comments…”

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