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A catalogue of music.

A radio live stream from the Netherlands.

A Dutch release Group of italo disco Music.

Radio #DiscoParadise Music you like to hear. by Patrese

Site of Alen Milky old friend of DiscoParadise

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Fantasy Radio is The 24/7 Italo Disco and HINRG radiostation where you can request records with one DJ The ItaloQueen (sanshine) we know her our dear friend from DiscoParadise

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    You have a great site.

    I wondered if you could link to my site from your page

    I run a Vinyl Records and CD’s website from the UK called I specialise in Hard to Find, Vintage and Collectible music.

    I have a huge collection of Vintage and Collectible Music centred around a broad range of genres with everything from disco, pop, and rock to classical, country and even soul & funk. Many of which I think would be of interest to your users and complimentary to your content.

    Kind regards


    Colin Davenport

    Classical 33 – Mail Order Vinyl Records and CDs



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