Mr. Me – I Go Down (1987)
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Reading Time: 2 minutes Information About Mr. Me – I Go Down Mr. Me is a project from Gino Caria he made only 1 record on American Records Modena Code AMR 0013. Cover Front This amazing record was written by Gino Caria and Sandro Oliva and produced by Bob One, Marco Giglioli for American Records. Cover Back It was… Continue reading Mr. Me – I Go Down (1987)

Atrium – Doctor Jekyll
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Reading Time: < 1 minute Atrium = Giorgio Conti only he is not the singer most of the songs were sung by Gino Caria, Mauro Farina, Giancarlo Pasquini, Claudio Magnani. This is his third record released on Power Records in 1986, but i have bought the spanish release on Memory Records. I’m a hugh fan of Memory Records, i did… Continue reading Atrium – Doctor Jekyll

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