B.B. & Band – All Night Long (1987)

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Information about B.B. & Band – All Night Long

B.B. & Band is a group of 3 (1 male and 2 females) who started back in 1982 on Zanza Records with this song only i have this release from 1987 on Limited Edition Records (LE 010). Even i like the 82 version but the 87 is great and i still play this song loud in my car..

Label A B.B. & Band - All Night Long

Label A

The A side is a Club Mix of 8.18 and on the B side a Techno mix and B.B. Theme (Club Mix), written by Mario Boncaldo and Tony Carrasco and recorded at the Power Track Studio in Forti, Italy, but was Mixed at Polygone Studio – Toulouse – France.

Label B B.B. & Band - All Night Long

Label B

Arranged by Alessandro Novaga, Mario Boncaldo and Sutomato, there was only a company cover of Limited Edtion available. I love this version and more then 8 minutes. After the first record they made many more even an Album.

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